I3T - An Interactive Tool for Teaching Transformations

I3T is an educational application which enables the study of 3D transformations and their hierarchy in an illustrative way. This tool is a result of master's thesis done at the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction, FEE, CTU in Prague


We presented the tool at the Eurographics 2018 conference (Petr Felkel, Alejandra Magana, Michal Folta, Alexa Gabrielle Sears, Bedrich Benes: I3T: Using Interactive Computer Graphics to Teach Geometric Transformations).

Geometric transformations in computer graphics are very important. For many people, it is a big problem to understand, as evidenced by the large number of printed publications and tutorials on this topic. Most of them suffer from the common drawback of a low degree of interactivity or even no interactivity at all. Therefore, the educational application contains interactive interface based on the principle of connectable components which enables the study of transformation and their hierarchy in an illustrative way. The application is usable as a demonstration tool in lectures, for creating tasks for exercise, and especially for independent study. Application eliminates the shortcomings of existing educational applications that are narrowly specialized in one type of transformation, are outdated, or describe the problem in only two dimensions.